And The Winner is...
(1997) - 18 minutes, B & W + Colour, SVHS

Franco and Frank are surprised to learn from the television news that Australian film did not mention very well at the Cannes Film Festival. They reach the conclusion that the only way to alleviate the situation is to make a movie themselves. After enormous difficulties finally the film is terminated and send to France. The answer from the Film Festival is swift: And the winner is...

Camera Operators: Franco Baldi, Frank Cali,
Vincent De Marchis, Frank Maurici, Rob Quee.
Sound Recordist: David Talfer.
Assistant Director: Frank Cali.

with: Frank Cali, Franco Baldi, Nick Gilio, Antonino Cali, Livio Marchi, Rene Szabo, Joey Szabo, John Falzon, Mary Vlahiothis, Nick Vlahiothis, Zoe Vlahiothis, Annibale Migliucci, Nicole Baldinu, Guido D'Alberto, Jacqui Agius, Elizabeth Mercz.

A film by Franco Baldi.

BATHURST, Australia, 5th Bathurst Film Festival.
(Prize Winner & Special Directors Award).
EBENSEE, Austria, Festival Der Nationen. "Bemerkenswert". (Finalist)