(1998) - 3.30 minutes, Colour, SVHS/Betacam SP

Time are though and arguments come easy. Unaware that two little eyes are looking at them, Nick and Mary lashes at each others. When all seems lost, the love of their little daughter is so strong that all the problems are forgotten.

Camera Operators: Franco Baldi.
Editor: Giovanni Mule'.
Assistant Director: Suzanne Gaspar.
A film by Franco Baldi.

With: Marilyn Vlahiotis, Nick Vlahiotis, Zoe Vlahiotis.

SYDNEY, Australia, Tropicana Film Festival.
SENS, France, Festival du Court-Metrage de Cinema et Video. EBENSEE, Austria, Festival Der Nationen. "Bemerkenswert". BATHURST, Australia, 6th Bathurst Film Festival.